Simple and Effective Steps For A Digital Company to Meet Its Clients’ Business Needs

Simplicity works for a digital company that hopes to succeed! A good digital company will know how to hold its client’s hand through the entire service process and ensure a quality outcome.

A good digital agency should make its clients feel important to them. Its mission must be to serve clients with an efficient, top-quality implementation. Most important to the digital agency (and of course, its clients) is that they are able to identify and understand every part of the project their clients are outsourcing to them. Their modular approach to implementation envisages a number of steps crucial to a seamless integration. These steps are as follows:

1. Gain from the clients a high-level understanding of their needs.
2. Understand their businesses and their value proposition.
3. Understand their business models & their competitors or customer environment.
4. Build a process-driven framework to segment each and every requirement their clients may have.
5. Brainstorm with their client to identify the best and most cost effective response to their needs.

Then simply create solutions to their clients’ business needs which includes the following steps.

The agency should make a Specification Document to serve as a blue print for development. It will include the sitemap (types and number of pages), calls to action, messaging, functionality, target audience and goals of the website.

The agency must then create custom, professionally designed mock-ups of the homepage and sub-page(s) to determine the look and feel. The designs must be presented for their clients’ reviews and feedbacks. Any edits that they would like are done immediately.

Basic front-end coding is done in HTML/CSS. Any flash motion graphics and/or back-end database work is started as per requirement. During coding, the client should be provided with continual updates and a link to follow the updates.

The agency’s work must be fully tested for quality assurance and they need to ensure that they take care of all the technicalities in taking the website live.

Simple and Effective Steps For A Digital Company to Meet Its Clients’ Business Needs
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