Difficult Chemistry Topics Students Get Private Tuition For

Introduction to Chemistry
Students study Chemistry to learn about atoms, molecules and ions in elements, compounds and mixtures. They will be taught about the characteristics and structures of these substances, how they interact and behave, and the ways they may be altered or transformed following reactions – be it physical or chemical – with other substances. Notwithstanding, students will also get to appreciate the importance of Chemistry in the daily lives of humans, and how it has impacted various industries such as pharmaceuticals, health, construction and quality assurance, as well as how it has affected the earth and its depleting natural resources.

Difficulty in Chemistry
Chemistry is quite an interesting subject, but it contains numerous in depth and factual topics that many students cannot seem to comprehend, let alone grasp. As such, many parents get private tuition in Chemistry for their children, in a bid to get them to understand the subject better. Parents usually turn to reputable private tuition agencies such as https://familytutor.sg/ to source for the best and most experienced Chemistry tutors that they can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

So what exactly are the difficult topics in Chemistry? While the topics different students have problems in may vary, there are quite a few that generally most students cannot seem to understand. Some of the common topics are acid, bases, and salts, stoichiometry and mole concept, and organic Chemistry. These topics are generally independent of each other, although some areas may intertwine at times.

Let’s look at each of these topics, starting with acid, bases and salts. While the name of the topic is quite a handful, the topic itself is actually made up of three components, as spelled out in the name. Students need to know the definitions of acids, bases and salts, the physical properties they exhibit, and the specific reactions they can undergo. On top of that, students must be aware of the dangers of acids and alkalis (substances produced when soluble bases dissolve in water), and how to handle chemicals properly to prevent accidents from occuring.

Next, let’s explore the topic of stoichiometry and mole concept. In this topic, students must master the idea of chemical reactions, and how reacting substances produce new products. They will then be required to write and balance chemical formulas and equations. All these in turn are important in tackling calculations involving the mole, molar mass, mass, volume, molar volume, and concentration of different substances. As you can see, this topic is very complicated, with the various concepts and ideas, and to make things worse, it involves a lot of mathematical calculations. So if students are already weak in Mathematics, this topic will confuse them even further.

Finally, we come to the topic of Organic Chemistry. In fact, Organic Chemistry is more of a theme rather than just a single topic. This is due to the fact that it contains various topics such as fuels and their sources and uses, family of compounds such as alkene, alkane, organic acids, and alcohols and their structures, formulas and reactions. On top of that, students must also learn about the significance of Organic Chemistry in the chemical, production and food industries.

Difficult Chemistry Topics Students Get Private Tuition For
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