Different Types of Bubble Tea for your Drinking Pleasure

Bubble tea is one of the most popular trendy drinks that has taken the world by storm. What was once a refreshing beverage which originated from Taiwan in the 1980s, is now a global phenomenon. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years in various nations across the world like China, United States of America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and almost every region in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. So for all your newbie bubble tea drinkers out there, here are different types of bubble tea for your drinking pleasure.

Traditional Milk Based Tea with Chewy Pearls
This is the most original form of bubble tea that is adored by countless number of fans around the world. This traditional drink is made in a plastic cup with black tea, milk (either in liquid or powdered form), and heaps of sugar. But the highlight of this drink is the tapioca pearls that can be found at the bottom of the cup. Prior to the preparation of the drink, these pearls have been boiled in water and dipped in sugar syrup to give them a sweet taste, and smooth, chewy texture.

Fruit Flavoured Ice Tea
If you are new to bubble tea, then fruit flavoured ice tea is probably your safest bet. As the name suggests, this drink consists of tea mixed with fruit flavours from an assortment of either mango, apple, grape, kiwi, passion fruit, and more. It is then topped off with loads of ice, making it the ideal refreshment on a hot, sweltering day, especially in a country like Singapore.

Matcha Bubble Tea
The star ingredient of this type of bubble tea is, you guessed it, matcha. Matcha is a green powder which is derived from specially processed green tea leaves. It is used to make many sweet delights such as ice cream, pudding, and of course, bubble tea. Matcha bubble tea can be drunk in its unaltered form, or mixed with sugar and/or milk, for added flavour. Of all the different forms of bubble tea, the matcha variation is probably the healthiest due to its proven health benefits, and lower sugar content.

All Natural Tea with Side Ingredients
If you are a tea enthusiast, then this kind of drink should satisfy your tea desires. This variation of bubble tea has the actual tea taking front and centre, as compared to the other ingredients. So, this can be quite a good thing, especially if you are health conscious. As any tea enthusiast knows, tea has many natural health benefits such as antioxidants, lesser caffeine content than coffee, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack, and much more. Some common types of tea that are used for this variation include black tea, green tea and oolong tea. The tea is then mixed with another healthier ingredient such as honey or mango, and with little or no sugar at all.

Now that you are aware of all the different types of bubble tea for your drinking pleasure, where can you get them from? One highly recommended store is Chi Cha San Chen, which originates from Taiwan, but has since expanded to numerous countries, including China and Singapore. In Singapore alone, it has about 12 specially located outlets. You can easily order their wide selection of bubble tea drinks either from their ecommerce website or via the Foodpanda website and app.

Different Types of Bubble Tea for your Drinking Pleasure
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